Herp note 3: Two-lines

Last weekend I had a chance to go out to Halawakee Creek’s 1st order stream again with the good people from the Warner Lab. We did about an hour of searching on an overcast day and found 22 P. websteri a slimy salamander, a ring-neck snake, and two Two-line salamanders. We also found what appeared to be a bullfrog.


_mg_4221_mg_4211Halawakee Creek




Tortoise remembers

Photo by: H. Zell

A team of researchers showed that the red-footed tortoise were able to remember how to associate colour with food after 18 months they were first taught to do so.

The results from this paper suggest that reptiles may be capable more long-term memory than what we previously believed.


Creating a chimera? Progress in growing human organs in pig embryos.

Illustration by Lilyondine (Deviant Art)

Is it possible to grow human organs in another animal? Scientists from the Salk Institute reckon they are a step closer in doing so. This leads us closer to the reality where human organs can be grown from in a lab and transplanted into people who need a new organ. Continue reading